Thousands of Trump supporters showed up to attend President Trump’s rally in Manchester, New Hampshire tonight.

There were the usual stories of traffic lined up for over 10 miles to get to the venue, while thousands waited in line for the opportunity to be a part of another historic Trump rally inside the SNHU arena.

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Check out the enormous line of Trump supporters here:

Our good friends at The Gateway Pundit first reported about the empty seats inside the New Hampshire stadium while Trump supporters were reportedly locked out of the event.

Inside the SNHU stadium, Trump supporters were packed together on the main floor, but above the main floor, many of the stadium seats remained curiously empty, while thousands waited outside, watching the rally on a massive jumbotron screen.

People at the rally started to tweet photos showing a massive crowd of supporters outside, while many seats inside the arena remained empty.

White House senior reporter Shannon Pettypiece attempted to prove how unpopular President Trump has become by sharing a photo from the rally showing some of the empty seats in the stadium. Ms. Pettypiece in her enthusiasm for reporting negative news about President Trump neglected to tell the entire story by sharing a photo of the thousands outside the venue who couldn’t get inside.

Trump supporters posted images of “thousands” outside the venue. This Trump fans claimed the doors closed and thousands stayed outside to watch the rally.

Although a huge number of Trump fans couldn’t get inside a video President Trump tweeted, showed an enthusiastic crowd of supporters inside.


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