Threatening police officers with death isn’t the brightest thing to do on Facebook but one Georgia man did just that. A threatening post that went beyond anger and towards violent behavior will get you arrested in Georgia:

The Powder Springs, Georgia Police Department arrested a man on Monday who they say made “terroristic threats” toward police officers. You won’t believe the threatening nature of his Facebook post. It’s been open season on our law enforcement officers since Obama, Holder and Lynch (see below) used anti-cop rhetoric. Violence and hate speech towards police officers has risen since Black Lives Matter rioted. Law and Order needs to come back to America. We’re hoping by cracking down on people like this Georgia man, we’ll see a decline in violence.

Joshua James Bolieiro shared a video titled “Police Department Bloodbath Continues,” and posted a comment:

“The next police officer that speaks to me will die. You cops better resign, because if you speak to me, I will consider that a threat, and I will defend myself, in the manner that you guys defend yourselves. I will shoot first, and I will have no guilt.”

“If you are a police officer in Georgia, I suggest you pray to your god Satan that you don’t accidentally speak to me,” He continued in a second comment. “You will just have to roll the dice with every single traffic stop. Im (sic) aiming to kill ANY police officer that dares speak to me, with absolutely zero questions for you. You speak, you. Its (sic) that simple. Go ahead and test me. See how far you get.”

The Facebook posts have been removed and the guy now claims he was just trying to get attention for police brutality.


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