This is what good old fashioned American ingenuity can do…you’ll looove what this business owner did after receiving a call demanding he take his TRUMP sign down. This is awesome!

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Thank you all for the overwhelming support! We have gone viral! Please feel free to stop by and take pictures with Hillary! She will be out from dusk until dawn!

Originally I only had the TRUMP sign posted in front of my business, within 2 hours of the sign being placed out front we received a voice mail from a blocked phone number which is played during the video. I will not be bullied into removing the TRUMP sign simply because it offended someone. My Country is just as important as my business, I will assume that the sign was to large and to high for her to destroy or steal. The voicemail was what prompted me to make the sign more noticeable and take an even more dramatic approach by adding Hilary to the jail cell. #Trump2016

Video by: Michael J Makowski Multimedia

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