ROCHESTER, MI: Three of Ascension-Providence Rochester Hospital’s best nurses walked away from their beloved jobs on Friday after the Catholic, faith-based hospital network refused to consider their pleas for religious exemptions.
Yes, you read that correctly; a CATHOLIC FAITH-BASED hospital denied CHRISTIAN nurses with religious objections to the COVID jab.
From the “faith-based” Ascension website:
Ascension is a faith-based healthcare organization dedicated to transformation through innovation across the continuum of care. As one of the leading non-profit and Catholic health systems in the U.S., Ascension is committed to delivering compassionate, personalized care to all, with special attention to persons living in poverty and those most vulnerable.
The nurses, with decades of combined, high-quality service, have “voluntarily” resigned after their applications for religious exemptions from the COVID vaccine were denied.
As part of their request to receive a religious exemption from the COVID jab, the nurses had to check a box that indicated they were “voluntarily” resigning if their exemption was denied. The hospital claims it’s a “voluntary resignation” for non-compliance with hospital policy, but the nurses are technically suspended without pay until the end of the suspension period, which is Jan. 4. If they don’t comply by the Jan. 4 deadline, they are considered “voluntarily” resigned. Ascension states that the voluntary resignation allows them to cash out their PTO at the end of the suspension period and makes them eligible to be rehired by ascension in the future (per Ascensions HR rules), but in reality, there is nothing voluntary about it.

A fully-vaccinated manager at the faith-based hospital shared her thoughts on watching three highly-qualified nurses who bravely cared for patients through the COVID pandemic as they walked away from the jobs they love:

The three nurses leave behind a legacy of faith, love, and compassion. Their supervising nurse shared her heartbreaking testimony about their firing on social media:
Today was the saddest day of my 33-year nursing career. Religious exemptions were denied, and these wonderful ladies were 3 of the many healthcare workers who followed their conscience and will be losing the jobs they love.
I have been blessed to work alongside these ladies for many years and have learned so much from them – they are my heroes. Not because they fearlessly stepped up to the plate for their hospital and patients during the initial COVID crisis (after all, they were ‘just doing their job’ and they were employed), but because they are willing to give up their livelihoods to be true to themselves.
Regardless of opinion regarding vaccines, this is Courage.
An example of professional commitment, these ladies trained their own replacements with love and patience and left their department in spotless condition. There was no bitterness, just lots of sadness and tears with patients and colleagues who have all comprised the family created by these special people.
Like many healthcare workers who choose not to vaccinate, their reasons and stories are diverse. However, what they share is a faith in God that is unshakeable. That faith permeated our department and taught me so much. Lesa reminded me that the most important job we have in our lives is to help our children and the people we love to get to Heaven.
I thank them for teaching me something new about God and the Bible every day and for trying to help me get perhaps a little closer. The Bible tells us that good things come from bad, and I know God has this – I trust He will put us all exactly where we are meant to be. He always does.
I pray for all workers being displaced by these mandates as well as their colleagues who are left behind – And I will continue to pray for our country that nobody will ever be forced to make these choices again.
God bless these brave women who will be looking for new jobs and possibly entirely new careers. Their story is not unique. This type of religious persecution is happening across America under the guise of “protecting the community” from a virus, which according to CDC data, shows that Americans, regardless of age group, are far more likely to die of something other than COVID-19. Even among those in the most heavily impacted age group (85 and older), only 13.3 percent of all deaths since February 2020 were due to COVID-19.

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