What is going on here?

Why are so many people having absolute freak out meltdowns on airplanes and in airports?

I get it, it’s not exactly the best place to spend time…

Hostile environments…

Hostile employees…

But it’s been like that for a while, why are we suddenly seeing a bunch of these freak out sessions?

I’m not entirely sure but here’s the latest.

Watch here:

Backup here:

The Blaze actually reports it was THREE separate women:

‘That’s not her, she’s possessed!’ 3 different women meltdown on alleged Frontier Airlines flight from hell

Multiple women allegedly interrupted a recent flight with screaming, singing, and even crawling over seats causing claims of demonic possession.

A three-hour flight from Houston, Texas, to Denver, Colorado, was delayed by three hours — including a stop in Dallas, Texas — after multiple women interrupted a flight, stemming from one woman’s apprehension.

Video of the incident titled “My little sister’s first experience flying by her self on Frontier” purportedly took place on a Frontier Airlines flight. It began with a woman, already being subdued by security, screaming desperately for the guards to let go of her arm.

After about a minute of the woman crying while she was taken to the front of the plane, the video cut to a man arguing with security from his seat. At the same time, the previously apprehended woman began an attempted escape to toward the back of the plane, crawling and falling over three sets of seats and passengers.

Soon thereafter, a second woman appeared toward the back of the plane and began yelling in apparent objection to the first woman who caused the alleged delay.

“Straight Texas style! … [I’m going to] beat your ass!” the woman in sunglasses and a bandana screamed.

Not 45 seconds later, a third woman emerged in the aisle and attempted to explain to her fellow passengers what was happening.


“This is not happening for no reason. This is actual evidence that there is a real devil that wants to kill each and every one of y’all including your family members,” she explained. “That’s not her, she’s possessed! She needs help!” the woman wearing the inside-out beanie declared.

“I’m only telling y’all because all hell is about to break lose and you’re getting the evidence of it,” she continued before moving toward the front of the plane. Once at the front, the woman turned around and began singing to the detained woman as the situation escalated.

The bandana-wearing woman soon spouted off more comments toward the woman allegedly causing a delay:

“Ain’t nobody playing with you, girl!”

“I’ll be crazy right along with you. You’re doing all that crying? I ain’t playing with you!” she continued.

Watch the full incident here:

Just a case of some edible marijuana gone wrong?

Hmmmm, I don’t know:


Off-Duty Pilot Attempts To Shut Down Plane Engine – Facing 83 Counts of Attempted Murder

An off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot was apprehended after attempting to shut down an airplane engine midflight.

The pilot faces up to 83 felony counts of attempted murder.

The off-duty pilot was sitting in the jump seat up in the cockpit, resulting in a severe risk to the safety of the entire plane.

Luckily, the suspect was subdued, and the plane could land safely in Portland.

NBC News shares more details on the story:

An off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot has been charged with over 80 counts of attempted murder after he allegedly attempted to shut off a plane’s engines midflight on Sunday, causing the flight to divert to Portland.

Flight 2059 took off from Everett, Washington, and was bound for San Francisco, Alaska Airlines said in a statement. It was operated by Alaska Airlines subsidiary Horizon Air, but was diverted due to a “credible security” threat linked to a person in the cockpit’s flight deck jump seat.

“The jump seat occupant unsuccessfully attempted to disrupt the operation of the engines,” the airline said. “The Horizon Captain and First Officer quickly responded, engine power was not lost and the crew secured the aircraft without incident.”

The flight crew followed “appropriate FAA procedures and guidance from air traffic control” in landing at Portland International Airport. The flight took off just before 5:30 p.m. local time and landed about an hour later in Portland, according to FlightAware data.

Everyone aboard the flight is lucky that nothing more happened.

Reports show that the suspect had ample chance and opportunity to damage the plane seriously.


CNN shares more on the story:

Emerson is the off-duty pilot who is accused of trying to seize control of the flight, a source familiar with the matter told CNN. The airline Emerson works for wasn’t immediately known.

The plane took off from Seattle Paine Field International Airport and was diverted to Portland International Airport because of the “credible security threat,” the airline said in a statement Monday.

“We’ve got the guy that tried to shut the engines down out of the cockpit, and he doesn’t sound like he’s causing any issues in the back right now,” the pilot told Seattle-area air traffic controllers, according to audio recorded by LiveATC.net. “I think he’s subdued. Other than that, we want law enforcement as soon as we get on the ground and are parked.”

I’m interested to know why this maniac tried to down an entire plane.

Was he insane? Domestic terrorism?

We’ll have to wait for the FBI and police to obtain more information.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments in the story.

And of course who could forget this?

She’s now trying to walk it back, but are you buying that?

“Crazy Plane Lady” Reveals EXACTLY What She Saw On That Plane…

Tiffany Gomas, the “crazy plane lady,” appeared on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take,” where she finally tells what she saw on that plane.

Watch the clip here:

So the story given is that she got into some altercation with the person next to her, which prompted her to respond, “That motherf***** is not real.”

Check out the original video here:

The folks at Fox News share more on the story:

The clip of the incident that took the internet by storm this summer depicted a distraught Gomas walking down the center aisle of the plane before turning to flight attendants and other passengers and stating, “I don’t give two f—s, but I am telling you right now, that motherf—–  back there is not real.”

She took to social media in August to apologize for the outburst. But the cryptic quote from Gomas had gone unexplained until now, prompting many on social media to speculate for months about what she really saw, with theories spanning from the mundane to the paranormal.

Finally, on Friday, the Dallas marketing executive told podcast co-hosts “Big Cat” & “PFT Commenter” she was reacting to an argument with another passenger and hadn’t revealed the truth for months because she found the situation “cringe” and “mortifying.”

“You know, the reason I probably haven’t come out yet, ’cause it’s like so cringe – I did not see anything,” she said.

Gomas continued, “So I got in a bit of an altercation. It spiraled out of control. It was not my best moment. I mean, it was actually a horrible moment. It’s absolutely mortifying.”

What do you guys think?

I don’t buy the story.

Something seems off.

Going back and watching the original, it doesn’t seem like she is referring to some altercation.

And why did it take so long for her to come out with it?

Would it not have been better for her to say she got upset at someone rather than letting rumors circulate for months that she saw a ghost, alien, or lizard person?

It’s still fishy.

And let’s assume that she is telling the truth about what happened.

How can someone be so selfish as to delay a flight because the ‘energy was bad?’

At least some people are still having fun with the story.

Tiffany Gomas held a Halloween contest to see who could pull off her look the best.

Check it out here:

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