Latinos are not only supporting Trump, much to the dismay of the left, they’re also openly praising him.  Such is the case with Angelo Ray Gomez, who’s considering a run for political office.

Angelo Ray Gomez is gay and he’s Hispanic, he’s also exploring a run for public office. In a tweet from March 9th, Gomez talks about his desire to stand with President Trump and to be a voice for the residents of Henderson, Nevada, a coveted state in the 2020 election.

On February 20, Gomez retweeted an article tweeted by Donald Trump Jr. by “Out” magazine, that reveals the support by the LGBT community for Trump. Gomez tells his Twitter followers he’s “sick and tired” of the “media & libs” telling him not to support our President, especially in light of all that he’s done for Latinos, Blacks and the LGBT community.

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I am Gay & Latino & I support President Trump. I am so sick & tired of the media & libs telling me not to support our President. He’s done more for Latinos,Blacks, & LGBT than any other President. He’s always been pro-LGBT. Top Dems (like Obama) can’t say that.

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Several new polls have recently been published, showing that Gomez is not alone in his support for our President.

Steve Cortes of Real Clear Politics explains – So much good news erupted last week for the president with the conclusion of the Mueller inquiry that stunning new polling data was largely glossed over.  McLaughlin & Associates revealed that Hispanic approval for Trump in March jumped to 50%.  This number matched the January Marist/NPR/PBS survey that shocked cynics with its own 50% approval finding.  Even if those polls are too aggressive, February’s Morning Consult/Politico poll showed Trump’s Hispanic approval vaulting to a still-impressive 45%.

What explains this stunning trend?

Here are the three reasons as Cortes sees them:

The Economy – Hispanics neither desire nor expect a laundry list of deliverables from the government, but rather seek the conditions to advance and prosper independently.  As the most statistically entrepreneurial demographic in America, Hispanics have thrived amid the Trump boom as regulatory and tax relief unleashes a small business surge.  Every American benefits from this new dynamism, but Hispanics most of all.  For example, the Hispanic jobless rate has now been below 5% for the last 11 months; prior to the Trump presidency, it had only been below 5% for one month ever (in 2006).   In addition, jobs are paying more.  Wage growth has finally ramped higher for all Americans, but especially for Hispanics, who now welcome wage growthfar above workers on the whole. The American manufacturing renaissance drives much of this resurgence, as on-shoring, better trade deals, and rising optimism made 2018 the best year for factory jobs since the 1990s.

Immigration – Leftist politicians and their media allies wrongly assume that Hispanics espouse softness on immigration illegality.  In reality, a 2018 YouGov/Economist poll detailed that only 20% of Hispanics support the practice of “catch and release” of families crossing our border illegally.  Indeed, Hispanic Americans often suffer the worst, most immediate consequences of porous borders.  Too often, Hispanic workers must compete against unfair, illegal labor.  In addition, dangerous illegal aliens largely terrorize Hispanic citizens.

Social Issues – As the Democratic Party lurches left on social issues, the largely Catholic and Evangelical Hispanic community of America finds itself orphaned by the Democratic Party.  Increasingly, Democrat lawmakers and leaders support abortion up until the very day of birth (and even beyond), so Hispanics naturally gravitate to pro-life Trump.  A 2018 Pew poll, for instance, found that 61% of whites believe abortion should be legal in most/all circumstances, but only 44% of Hispanics concur.  In a separate survey, Pew also discovered that among Democrats, Hispanics are almost twice as likely to identify as “conservative” as non-Hispanics. Given these realities, the increasingly extremist Democratic Party practically invites electoral doom in 2020.

Looking state-by-state at the 2020 presidential race, the groundswell of Trump’s Hispanic popularity solidifies the president’s re-election prospects. A Trump gain to 40% of the Hispanic vote — a very realistic goal at this point – could effectively seal repeat wins in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Arizona. Winning those states means the Democratic nominee must clean-sweep the 2016 Trump states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  Moreover, even that upper Midwest sweep would not be enough if Trump’s ascent with Hispanics puts in play Nevada and Colorado, states with large Latino populations that Clinton won by low single digits last election.

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