Nothing good can come out of a protest over a thug who was shot to death by a cop defending his own life in a town that was ravaged, looted and burned by more out-of-control thugs. All of these acts were inspired by our racist President and his former, lawless Attorney General Eric Holder. How many more innocent lives will be lost or businesses destroyed over the lie that Michael Brown was innocent and had his “hands up” when he was shot? 

Gunfire broke out after a car mowed down a protester in Ferguson, Missouri on the second anniversary of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Several people were injured, at least one person seriously.

***WARNING***Extremely Graphic Video***

The Tuesday night protest took place near and in the street, and the demonstrators sometimes impeded traffic, but retreated from the roadway when warned by police.

The man was reported to be badly injured, and was taken by a private car to a hospital, Cowan told The Chicago Tribune.

Police responded to reports of gunfire, but found no evidence that anyone had been hit by a bullet, said Ferguson PD spokesman Jeff Small.

The 2014 death of Brown at the hands of Darren Wilson, a white Ferguson police officer, was the catalyst for the Black Lives Matter movement. Via: RT

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