This is why bad behavior continues to escalate in schools…this kid hadn’t received any discipline FOUR DAYS AFTER  blowing cigar smoke in his teacher’s face! His punishment should have been swift and his threat to come back should have been taken more seriously. Remember that our DOJ’s Loretta Lynch (Eric Holder in a skirt) pushed for a program to treat black students with more leniency than other students – in other words, school discipline is racist:
“The dream is still continuing not only in the courts but in our schools,” Lynch told a largely black audience. “And we all know, education is the key. And we understand that discipline is important. We understand that rules are important but we also know that when we sit and look at schools that have the zero tolerance programs, they are often used, and they take our babies, minority children, black children, Hispanic children, and they put them out of school before they have a chance to learn.

“And so the Department of Justice, this past year, has gone into the South, although we’re looking further, and brought the first prison, school-to-prison pipeline cases against school districts in Alabama.”


No action has been taken as of Friday morning after a North Little Rock High School student was seen in a video blowing smoke at his teacher during an argument earlier this week, according to the school district.

That 10-second video, which has been viewed more than 40,000 times as of Friday, was posted to YouTube by user “J Doe” on Tuesday, one day after the reported incident.

In a North Little Rock police report, the teacher said he told the 18-year-old student about 9:30 a.m. Monday that he would have to sit in the hallway to take his final exam — a request the student refused.


The teacher then warned the student that he would write him up and call for his removal from the classroom, according to the report. While reaching for the intercom button, the student said, “Hit that button, I dare you,” the teacher told police.

After pushing the intercom button, the teacher said he looked away to write the student up for his actions and began to hear a “commotion” from students “going wild” in his classroom.

According to the report, the teacher turned around and saw that the student had “lit a cigar and was taking a drag off of it.”

“[The student] then got up from his seat, walked up to [his teacher] and blew smoke in his face three times,” the report stated.

Monday’s incident wasn’t the first time the student had been removed from his classroom this year, the teacher said, citing problems on “several occasions.”

A campus supervisor arrived and escorted the student out of the classroom shortly after, with the student saying “I’ll be back.”

The police report lists the offense as insult or abuse of a teacher. Action against the student could range from no action to expulsion once a final review is completed, the district said.

Via: Arkansas Online

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