“The terror threat has increased and our ability to combat it has decreased.” – Jonathan Karl

Just before the first bombings in Afghanistan, the Biden administration – in total defiance of reports on the ground, was touting the withdrawal of American and allied troops as a smashing success.

Martha Raddatz asked Jonathan Karl to respond to that hogwash assessment.

Jonathan Karl: They’ve been describing something that isn’t a reality. This has been an incredible airlift, more than 100,000 people evacuated, but what a disaster.

Clearly, Thursday was the worst day of the Biden presidency. We don’t really know, Martha, how bad it really is. We know the disaster that has unfolded, now the big question is, does Afghanistan once again become a safe haven for terrorist attacks on U.S. interests around the world or at home?

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Raddatz points out that having successfully stopped terrorist attacks emanating from Afghanistan is why we were pulling out, saying “that was solved”.

Karl: “…maybe part of the reason why Afghanistan had not been such, is that there was a military presence in Afghanistan. But now we will have this over-the-horizon capability but bottom line is the terror threat has increased and our ability to combat it has decreased.”

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Not only has our ability to combat it decreased but as we reported earlier our enemies are now equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated weaponry on the planet…ours!

Here’s what our military, and frankly, our homeland can expect to be used against U.S. citizens and our allies, compliments of the Biden regime.


If our weaponry isn’t retrieved, or at the very least destroyed, America and our allies can expect to be targetted by the $85-Billion in lethal equipment left behind for the Taliban by the Democrat party and their chief dunce, Biden.

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