While the mainstream media ignores what’s happening at the border, a lone woman is on the ground exposing the Mexican government for aiding thousands of caravan members. The videos tell the story our media doesn’t.

Paloma for Trump is reporting from Tijuana, MEXICO to give us the truth about what’s happening in the border town. She’s reporting that the 500 caravan members (see video below) who were camping in a local park are gone now but there is no news on where they went. She later finds out they were all taken to a local place even though there was no news on where they had been taken prior to this.


Paloma for Trump reports that 19 buses loaded with caravan members are coming to Tijuana. Thousands of caravan members are being taken and distributed to different places. Paloma says the government and media are being very secretive and lying about what’s happening there.

Border Protection in areas at the border thanks to President Trump are shown in the video below. Paloma for Trump reports that buses were delayed from entering toll booths. Tijuana people don’t want them so Paloma says “they’re hiding them” in different places.

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Groups in Tijuana and caravan members faced off last night as police tried to keep everyone calm. The Tijuana residents want the caravan to turn back but the caravan members are determined to cross.

Both groups got into it with each other in the video below. Paloma for Trump explains what’s going on at the border. Citizens of Tijuana do not want the thousands upon thousands of Central Americans to converge on their town. She says they work hard for a safe and prosperous city and don’t want these people coming there. Mexicans are fighting against them and trying to keep them from getting off of the buses. A big crowd gathered to stop this from happening and they did!

Paloma points out that the fake news media was covering caravan members and activists and not the big group of Tijuana residents who had gathered to protest the invasion of their city. Fox News is reporting approximately 2,000. more caravan members are expected today!


You can see in the video that the police are there but from all reports, it looks like they are standing down. Paloma goes in and out of Spanish but explains in English that there was rock throwing but the police did nothing!


It’s in Spanish but you can see police getting in between the groups to stop the fighting. There was rock throwing involved according to Paloma for Trump who was filming the entire event.

Paloma for Trump tells of an attack by the caravan members:



A US citizen heavily involved in the promotion of the caravan was caught on camera telling the crowd that the caravan members won’t go to the temporary shelters being set up dearby.

Irineo Mujica speaks in Spanish directing the caravan members in Tijuana:

Irineo Mujica, of Pueblas sin Fronteras, says the group won’t go to the govt shelter bc they aren’t letting in NGOs, is worried that they will give info to US, and says “it’s like a jail.”

A temporary shelter at the border being set up:


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