Scrutiny has continued to intensify against TikTok due to the national security risks it poses to the US government and US citizens.

The social media giant is ran by a state-owned Chinese company, meaning that it could be harvesting US citizens data and giving it to the Chinese government.

Multiple states have already banned its use on government-owned devices, and the federal government has mulled banning the app from the United States entirely.

In a bid to avoid being shut down by the US government, TikTok has agreed to allow a third party to store the data of American users.

It also formed a content moderation team that will be led by a former US Secret Service agent, and the team will answer to an arm of the American government.

The proposal has already caused alarm among civil liberties activists who are already up in arms about the release of the ‘Twitter Files’, which showed that the US Government and Twitter employees collaborated extensively to censor content.

Information Liberation Reports

As part of an effort to avoid being banned and/or taken over in the United States, TikTok has formed a “content moderation” bureau headed by a former US Secret Service agent that will be reporting to the US government.

Popular short-video app TikTok is offering to operate more of its business at arm’s length and subject it to outside scrutiny as it tries to convince the U.S. government to allow it to remain under the ownership of Chinese technology company ByteDance, according to people familiar with the matter.

[…] TikTok has already unveiled several measures aimed at appeasing the U.S. government, including an agreement for Oracle Corp (ORCL.N) to store the data of the app’s users in the United States and a United States Data Security (USDS) division to oversee data protection and content moderation decisions. It has spent $1.5 billion on hiring and reorganization costs to build up that unit, according to a source familiar with the matter.

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