A clip of controversial TikTok influencer ‘Mizzy’ has resurfaced as the teen continues to wreak havoc in order to gain views on social media, including invading people’s homes, stealing someone’s dog, and harassing a Jewish man. Meanwhile, he claims that he only receives backlash because he is Black.

Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, aka “Mizzy”

Bacari-Bronze O’Garro is an 18-year-old self-proclaimed “prankster” who goes by the name Mizzy and posts videos of himself harassing people and causing destruction to private property in an attempt to gain followers and fame.

The British teen goes to alarming lengths to get attention online, capitalizing on the anger and discomfort he causes people which leads to his videos going viral. Unfortunately, this behavior influences other teens who idolize the kids they see on their social media platforms.

The video that has been circulating lately is of Mizzy running down Oxford Street in London followed by a mob of his supporters, the majority of whom look like young teenagers.

In the clip, Mizzy leads the crowd into a Primark clothing store which they proceed to trash, throwing items out of bins and getting up on the store counters without any regard for private property.

In another of his videos, the TikToker filmed himself illegally entering a random person’s house and sitting in their living room as a “prank.” When he received backlash for this, he blamed racism and said that people were only upset because he is a Black male.

Mizzy was fined $400 for this stunt.

Mizzy also posted videos of himself harassing Orthodox Jews and stealing one of their hats. While wearing the stolen hat, Mizzy took a video of himself saying, “Guys, I’m a f***ing Jew.”

In another video, the TikTok thug picks up an elderly woman’s dog in the park and sprints away with it.

During an interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV, Mizzy revealed that he thought people shouldn’t be getting mad at him for his actions, saying that they are “getting hurt over something that didn’t happen to them.”

Morgan asked the TikToker if he felt any remorse for the pranks he’s done, to which Mizzy replied, “Of course I care, I have remorse. But I am legally an adult not so I can do what I want.”

Apparently, being an adult gives you the right to harass people and disrespect private property.

During the interview, Mizzy accused Morgan of criticizing him because he’s “black.” Morgan quickly responded, saying, “I don’t give a damn about your skin color, Mizzy. Why would I care what color your skin is?”

“I just think you’re an idiot,” said Morgan. “I also think you’re an idiot for playing the race card, when no one’s mentioned your skin color.”

“I care about the fact that you’ve been terrorizing all these people for a sustained period of time,” Morgan added.


A couple of days after the interview, Mizzy was arrested for breaching a criminal behavior order when he entered the stranger’s home. He had been sentenced to a two-year criminal behavior order that prevents him from trespassing on private property.

However, Mizzy wasted no time in continuing his disruptive behavior and soon posted a video of him entering the driver’s cabin of a public train and messing with the controls.

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