WE LOVE HIS STYLE! Secretary of State Rex Tillerson slammed a comment from former Vice President Joe Biden about how budgets reflect priorities: “Don’t tell me what you value; show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you value,” Biden had said. Sen. Chris Coons (D., Del.) mentioned Biden’s quote during Tuesday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing with Tillerson. Coons used the quote to reference the Trump administration’s proposed funding cuts to the State Department’s budget. Tillerson said that results gauged values more than funding. Amen!

Coons was basically using a quote from Biden to push the notion that the State Department isn’t spending enough money. Notice how Coons is also unhappy with not spending or hiring fast enough at the State Department. He doesn’t get that the Trump administration is results oriented and not funds oriented. 

Secretary Tillerson continued: “Having the funds are certainly appreciated and needed, but then we have to be able to deliver working with other aid agencies and working with the situation on the ground to have the aid reach those most in need,” he said.

Tillerson said in order to effectively solve international aid issues, the State Department must look at the results desired before calculating how much money is necessary to do so. He highlighted that it was irresponsible to just throw money at the problem.

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“The statement that ‘show me your funding and I’ll show you your level of commitment,’ I do not agree with. Funding does not equal results,” Tillerson said. “Show me your results, and I’ll tell you your commitment.”

“What are the results, and then I’ll tell you what I need to deliver on those results.

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The best line comes at the end:

Giving me a pot of money and suggesting that confirms our success and commitment is just simply—I have to take exception to that, I’ve never had that experience,” he said.

Great! Americans are so lucky to have someone like Secretary Tillerson!

Via: WFB

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