Real-life Donald Trump supporter, Roseanne Barr, is making liberal heads explode after she announced her character will be playing a working-class Trump supporter. Even before Roseanne announced her character will be a Trump supporter, liberals were calling for a boycott of her show over her real-life support for our President. It’s not too hard to imagine how this scenario would have played out, only a couple of years ago when Barack Obama was our president.

Roseanne Barr said her character’s support for President Donald Trump in the revived sitcom “Roseanne” is a reflection of her own views and also true to the show’s roots.

The sitcom brings the Conner family and the life of the country up to date when it debuts March 27 on ABC.

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“I’ve always attempted to portray a realistic portrait of the American people and of working-class people. And in fact, it was working class people who elected Trump,” Barr said on Monday.

NYP reports that amid controversy that Roseanne Barr‘s character in ABC’s “Roseanne” reboot will be a President Trump supporter, fans of Tim Allen’s canceled show “Last Man Standing” have turned to social media to call for ABC to bring his series back.

“@ABCNetwork you get rid of last man standing because of its political views, yet Roseanne is pro Trump and you are gonna let her share her views. Someone is a little hypocritical and pro trump at ABC. #lastmanstanding @ofctimallen” tweeted one fan.

Allen’s fans have even started a petition to “Save Tim Allen’s Show “Last Man Standing”:

Allen’s show featured conservative values, and many fans speculated that was the reason behind its cancellation. ABC denied it canceled the highly rated series over politics.

When ABC pulled the plug on the show in May, Allen tweeted that he was “stunned and blindsided.”

“The support from all the fans to bring back ‘Last Man Standing’ is truly overwhelming to me and so appreciated,” Allen told Page Six in a statement. “I, along with the talented writers, wonderful crew, and terrific actors, would definitely entertain the idea of bringing the show back as there is so much gas left in the tank, more to be said and laughs to be had.

This Twitter user mentions Roseanne’s admission that her character will support Trump on ABC:

Twitter users are still threatening to boycott ABC Network over their decision:

Even the self-proclaimed liberals came to Allen’s defense:

Allen claims that if ABC is willing to start running the “Last Man Standing” show again, he’d be ready to go…

“I know fans would love nothing more than for us to take the cover off, fire up the engine, back this car out of the garage and get it back on the highway, full-throttle,” continued Allen, who has been vocal about his conservative values. “My sentiment sits in the front seat beside you.”

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