Tim Allen is doing what he can to help everyone through this difficult time with a little humor. Who better than the 66-year-old legend who has made everyone laugh for decades?

Allen made light of social distancing by tweeting out a joke from his hit “Home Improvement” that ran from 1991-1999. He posted an image of the character Wilson from the show. Wilson was the wise neighbor of Tim Allen’s character of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. Throughout the entire series from 1991-1999, Wilson never showed the lower part of his face, until the last episode. In the last episode, he blew a kiss to the audience.

Tim Allen tweeted out a photo (full photo is below) of Wilson along with the caption:

“Wilson social distancing champion 1991-1999.” and “My dear old friend,”

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The full picture below:

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What a way to give tribute to Allen’s former castmate and add a little humor to a difficult time.


Bravo Tim Allen!

Tim Allen also happens to be a supporter of President Trump:

Actor Tim Allen said in an interview published in September of 2018 that President Donald Trump is accomplishing things for America, despite the “drama” and the “theater” around his administration:

“I’ve met [Trump] at the charity event years ago, and that certainly doesn’t fit with the man who tweets,” Tim Allen told Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve met a lot of people in private whose public persona is a bit off. My perception is ‘let’s see what he gets done.’ Let’s stop banging on the pilot’s door and trying to pull the guy out of his seat while he’s still flying. You might not like how he’s flying the plane but let’s let him land it.”

“Do I like him or agree with him? … I don’t know. Somebody got this NAFTA thing done. How did that happen? It’s like a sleight of hand with this dude. There’s this smoke and smelly food but over here he just fixed a pothole. The theater of this is fascinating,” Allen said.

“He doesn’t do it very attractively but you don’t even realize the economy is doing better. Is it? There’s so much drama,” the veteran actor continued. “Maybe it took this type of guy to get stuff done because it was so stuck in the mud. I’m just watching the theater of it and trying to keep my personal opinions out of it. What difference does it make whether I like him?” –Breitbart 

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