Tim Kaine wants to replace one of the two statues in the Capitol from Virginia with Pocahontas…Liz Warren, where are you? It’s obvious that Tim Kaine is trying to be politically correct with his choice.

If you could pick two choices for Virginia, would YOU pick Pocahontas?

“Why wouldn’t you think about Pocahontas?… “We wouldn’t even be here.”

Oy vey! Here we go! It’s statues now but next it’s our currency and then who knows if they’ll come for something you hold dear…books?  This is maddening!

All we can say is we’re so happy Tim Kaine didn’t make it to Vice President! He’s a doofus…

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Dedicated September 29, 1935. “The dedication ceremony began with an “Assembly Call” from a Boy Scout bugler in front of the reservation Council House. U.D.C district director Mrs. Preston Thomas of Asheville introduced the principal speaker Mrs. E.L. McKee of Sylva. Mrs. McKee “stressed the need of southern history being perpetuated and eulogized the Indian soldiers of the Confederacy.” Mrs. W.A. Hyatt of Waynesville presented the monument to Dr. Howard Fought the reservation superintendent who accepted the monument as representative of the government and to Chief Jarret Blythe who accepted on behalf of the Cherokee. John F. Hodges, Jr. grandson of Colonel Thomas and John Tatum Ellis then removed the Confederate battle flag that veiled the memorial. After a salute to the Confederate flag led by Mrs. E.E. McDowell of the Fanny Patton Chapter, U.D.C. the Indians sang “America” and “Beulah Land” in their native language. Several hundred were in attendance.”
North Carolina Confederates

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