On the morning of November 3, James O’Keefe was awoken to the FBI banging on his door to conduct a predawn raid at his home as a continuation of an investigation surrounding Ashley Biden’s diary. O’Keefe was thrown against a wall, handcuffed, and forced to allow the confiscation of his confidential reporter notes and source identities.

In a Fox News interview, O’Keefe described the events of this raid:

“There were 10 FBI agents with a battering ram… they turned me around, handcuffed me, and threw me against the hallway. I was partially clothed in front of my neighbors. They confiscated my phone, they raided my apartment. On my phone were many of my reporter’s notes, a lot of my sources unrelated to this story, and a lot of confidential donor information to our news organization”.


Yesterday, Tim Pool, one of the top podcast personalities in America, went off on the coordination between the federal government and far-left media to era the voices of independent journalists. As part of his rant, Pool also called out everyday Americans for their willingness to comply with a “neo-communist government” who are stealing our rights and liberties while we remain silent.

Pool warned his massive audience that the targeting of James O’Keefe is just the beginning of our government erasing free press in America. “They are burning the country to the ground and they are getting away with it! The FBI is not on the side of justice. They are on the side of targeting you, your friends; they will come for you given time. You think maybe you can hide among the masses. But eventually, when the turkeys are all lined up—not a single turkey gets by—all of their heads gets removed, “Pool warned.

Here’s a portion of the transcript from his epic rant:

These people are E-V-I-L! 

Adam Goldman of the New York Times—EVIL!

We’ve gotta stop playing these games! This is a guy who got privileged legal communications under the United States Consitution and our laws and norms. You have a right to legal counsel and the guy from the New York Times gleefully published this from a rival organization. Why? They want this country to burn! 

I’m looking at all of you now, and I’m telling you all this right now—The police will kick your door down and bash in your teeth out the moment Black Lives Matter protests you. We’ve already seen it happen! 

You think this is a joke? he asked. James O’Keefe’s legal, privileged communications were just given to the New York Times and Adam Goldman, with a smile on his face, published it. He doesn’t care about this country,  he doesn’t care about our norms.

These people are at war with you and they will burn your life to the ground like they are doing to Rittenhouse and like they’re doing now to James O”Keefe because you dare to oppose their power grab.

This is not a joke. And it is getting worse.

James O’Keefe is a journalist. The federal government stole his privileged legal communications and gave it to the New York Times who published it with a smile on their faces.

These people do not hold your values!

They do not believe in the Consitution!


The prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case violated the constitution. They will do it again—they will do it more—and they will burn down your town and the feds will protect them—and the police will protect them!

Stop thinking the institutions are on your side! This country is being corrupted and we are watching it every day. And it has gotten to the point that you need to ask yourself, ‘Will the police protect you when someone comes to your town and threatens to kill you?’ NO! The detectives in Kenosha, the state, the prosecutor went against the young man who was fleeing for his life. 

And James O’Keefe, an anti-establishment individual, is facing the boot of the authoritarian fascist government! And it will get worse and it will happen to you because you keep complying! And you keep saying, ‘But my kids need food!’ And now inflation is here and there’s food shortages and your kids aren’t eating! And the schools are indoctrinating your kids!

Pool explained that Americans need to refuse to comply by using “peaceful, persuasive and resourceful” means.


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