On Saturday, popular podcast host Tim Pool appeared on PBD Podcast, where he revealed why he would vote for former President Donald Trump instead of potential challenger Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

During the podcast, Pool praised DeSantis as the “best governor this country has.”

However, Pool then said that he would vote for Trump over DeSantis in the primaries because he believes that Trump would dismantle federal agencies and purge the bureaucratic class, something that would be good for the United States.

“What do I like about Trump? The reason I’d vote for him not because I think he’s the greatest leader we’ve ever had, I think his foreign policy has been absolutely fantastic considering presidents we’ve had in the past,” said Pool.

“Donald Trump’s gonna fire everybody. He wants revenge,” he continued. “And I think if the one thing I can get out of the next presidency is the purging of the bureaucratic class, this country will be better off for it.”

“I don’t know if Ron DeSantis would do that. I think he’s a negotiator. I think he’s gonna go in and say, how can we make this clean, and it’s gonna be like Trump’s first term all over again. they’re gonna attack him; they’re gonna smear him; they’re gonna lie; they’re gonna get their key-positioned people to sludge everything up.

“I think at this point with Donald Trump; he’s unleashed, he’s so angry, he’s been slighted, he’s been lied about, they’ve impeached him, they’re… prosecuting him in New York, they’re trying to get him in D.C., they’re trying to get him in Georgia. Now they’re accusing him of a 30-year-old rape case. I mean, these people are relentless, and almost every single time, these stories turn out to be fake or, even worse, it’s them.”

“I think Trump gets elected, he walks in and says ‘I don’t care how, I don’t care why, we are going to terminate these people. We’re going to send them out with nice little boxes full of their belongings, and we’re going to figure out how to do it.'”

“That’s the number one thing this country needs right now,” Pool concluded. “I don’t think DeSantis does it.”


Watch the video here in its entirety:

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