All we can say about this development is that it’s about time the GOP Congressman did something about the wild goose chase Mueller and his team have been going on.

Nineteen Republican congressmen signed on to a letter (see a screenshot of the letter at the bottom of this article) sent out Friday requesting congressional hearings to keep special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of lawyers accountable.

“This team has sweeping authority and an open-ended mission, yet they are allowed to operate largely in secret, selected by and ultimately accountable to only one person: Mr. Mueller himself,” the letter sent to House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte and Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley states.

Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin started asking his colleagues to sign the letter in August. The congressmen who signed on include: Iowa Rep. Steve King, Arizona Rep. Trent Franks, California Rep. Duncan Hunter, and Virginia Rep. Dave Brat.

The Mueller team has overwhelmingly supported Democrats and even worked for Democrats. Donations were also mostly to Democrat candidates:

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It’s hard to dispute that this team of lawyers are biased against a Republican like Trump who came into D.C. ready to upset the status quo.

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