Democrats are surely panicking tonight, as polls continue to show support for the impeachment of President Trump has plummeted.

A Firehouse/Optimus poll showing Biden vs. Trump in 3 critical battleground states, reveals support for Biden is plummeting.


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Residents in the MUST WIN state of Pennsylvania, are coming out in massive numbers today, to show their support for the wildly popular President Trump. Trump’s appearance tonight before tens of thousands in Hershey, PA, should be interesting, as it coincides with Democrat lawmaker’s announcement of their partisan articles of impeachment.

In 2016, Trump shocked the nation when he defeated Hillary Clinton in the formerly blue state of Pennsylvania. The media was shellshocked when they discovered he had turned the coveted state of Pennsylvania red.


It only seems appropriate that on the same day the Democrats announce their desire to impeach Trump as a last-ditch effort to keep him from being re-elected in 2020, that he would stick it to them by rallying the citizens of a state they never thought he’d win in 2016.

ABC News campaign reporter Will Steakin shows thousands of people waiting in the rain to get into Trump’s rally. Steakin points out in his tweet that this massive crowd is here to see Trump only hours after Dems announced articles of impeachment.

Scott Presler is on the ground at the Hershey, PA rally and is reporting that thousands and thousands are lined up outside of the Giant Center, waiting to get inside and show their support for President Trump. The video shows a literal sea of red MAGA hats standing in miserable weather, as they wait to get the chance to show their support for the man who has done so much for the forgotten man and women in flyover U.S.A.

CBS News White House reporter Mark Knoller tweeted about Vice President’s visit to a restaurant in Pennsylvania today where he greeted diners. Knoller tweeted: .@VP stops at a restaurant in Monaca, PA to greet diners. Earlier told Veterans for Trump rally that today’s impeachment proceedings were “partisan” and “a disgrace.” On his way to Hershey, said @SecondLady told him, “if you don’t come home with chocolate, don’t come home.”

Pennsylvania is the state where Joe Biden grew up. It’s likely the Democrat Party was counting on him to take the state back from the very popular President Trump. Based on recent polling and by the size of the massive crowd of Trump supporters who showed up to see Trump tonight in Pennsylvania, that’s not gonna happen.

This one tweet from an unhinged anti-Trumper tells you everything you need to know about how Democrats are panicking that their “hail Mary” pass (bogus impeachment) didn’t fool the American voters.

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