For some strange reason, authorities in charge of the investigation into the murder of Tyre Nichols, an unarmed, black, 29-yr-old man and father of a 4-yr-old son, thought it would be a good reason to release the horrific bodycam footage of five black Memphis Police officers violently beating and abusing him before his death. Tyre died at the hospital following the violent incident, and all five of the Memphis Police officers have been charged with second-degree murder and kidnapping.

All five Memphis Police officers have been fired.

Despite pleas by the parents of Tyre Nichols for peaceful protests,  several incidents of riots were reported throughout the night:

Here is a video of Mr. Nichols being tased by the police officers:

Here is a timeline of the video created by the Daily Mail:

At 8:20 PM on January 7, Nichols, who was born in Sacramento and moved to Memphis in February 2020, was driving home from a suburban park, where he had taken photos of the sunset.

He was driving along East Raines Road in southeastern Memphis when he encountered the police. One officer said he was ‘cutting through traffic’.

‘So we just try to get him to stop. He don’t stop,’ an officer told his colleagues in the body camera footage. ‘Hit the siren. Stop, stop stop.

‘He pull up to the red light. Stop at the red light. He put his turning signal on. ‘So we jump out the car. ‘S*** went from there.’

At 8:24 PM, two officers are seen confronting Nichols in the driving seat of his car at the intersection between East Raines Road and Ross Road.


One officer orders Nichols: ‘Get the f*** out of the f****** car,’ and wrestles him out.

Nichols can he heard protesting, telling the officer: ‘Damn, I didn’t do anything. Hey, I didn’t.’ The officer tells him: ‘Turn your a** around.’

He is sitting, and the officer instructs him: ‘Lay down. Get on the f****** ground. I’m going to tase you. ‘I’m going to break your s***.’


Nichols has the Taser prodded into his left thigh, and is told: ‘B****, put your hands behind your back.’

The officers attempt to put him in handcuffs, telling him: ‘I’m going to knock your hands the f*** out.’

Nichols replies: ‘OK, you guys are doing a lot right now.’ He tells them: ‘I’m just trying to go home.’

The officers continue trying to push him to lie down. Nichols replies, with growing frustration: ‘I am on the ground!’

‘On your stomach!’ an officer replies. ‘I can’t breathe,’ Nichols said. At 8:25pm, there is a commotion, and pepper spray is deployed.

‘What the f*** man?’ says one of the officers. Nichols scrambles to his feet and runs. One officer yells: ‘Taser, taser!’

Nichols continues running, taking his t-shirt partially off as he runs. ‘Oh s***,’ says one officer, and they both begin running after him, with pepper spray in their eyes.

The officers pursue Nichols.

At 8:31 PM, a sheriff’s patrol car arrives with its lights flashing.

8:33 PM – They capture him.

At 8:34 PM, As he comes round the corner, behind a parked car, two officers can be seen kneeling over Nichols, who appears to be on the floor.

‘I didn’t do anything!’ Nichols yells. The officer tells him: ‘Shut the f*** up. Give me your hands.’ The body camera officer says: ‘You wanna get sprayed again?’


Nichols is on the floor, with at least three officers now pinning him down.

At the mention of the pepper spray, one officer exclaims: ‘Woah, woah, woah!’

Nichols screams as pepper spray gets in his eyes and writhes, trying to get away.

Body cam footage shows Memphis PD beating and macing Tyre Nichols.

One officer pushes him onto his back, yelling: ‘Get on your knees.’ Nichols is lying on his side and yells: ‘Mom!’ The home he shares with his mother is nearby.

‘Give me your hands. Give me your f****** hands,’ the officer commands and Nichols replies: ‘Alright, alright.’


‘Ah, s***,’ he says, walking away. ‘Ah, s***.’ The other officers can be heard yelling at Nichols to give them his hands. Nichols yells for his mother.


Two officers are now trying to get Nichols’ hands behind his back. Nichols tries to push himself up on his right arm, leaning on his right side.

A third officer walks over, and, pausing to get full force, brings his right leg back and kicks him in the top half of his body. Nichols is now lying on his back.

The officer who kicked moves to the top of Nichols’s body, and again kicks him with his right leg, this time in the head.

8:34 PM – ‘Watch out – I’m going to baton the f*** out of you,’ an officer tells Nichols. He beats him, then walks away at 8:35 pm, baton still in his right hand.


Blows begin raining down on Nichols.

A fourth officer is now seen arriving with his right arm raised. Nichols is still pinned to the floor by three officers, struggling and kicking.

The officer with the raised arm carefully, deliberately, and powerfully punches Nichols in the head, taking his time to get enough force.

Horrific footage of Memphis PD punching Tyre Nichols

Here is the video (***WARNING***THE VIDEO IS VERY GRAPHIC)

Pray for Tyre Nichols and for his family. Pray for a fair and speedy trial for the five accused police officers and pray for peace.

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