Have you ever wanted to make a quick $400,000 for doing not so nice things? Well, you could be in luck. If you haven’t heard by now, because you’ve been spending time in Margaritaville during the hot summer days, then you should get caught up really quick after this. Not only will you have the up-to-date info on Peter Strzok scandal, but you’ll also find out how to make $400,000 in just a few days. No seriously, this is a proven method – just ask Peter Strzok himself!!

Peter Strzok was recently fired from the FBI in connections with his anti-Trump Tweets and some alleged affair going on with his romantic fling Lisa Page, allegedly of course. Some of this information started leaking when Robert Mueller was digging into this whole Russian influence fiasco of the 2016 election. It turned out that two of his own teammates, Strzok and Page (sounds like a bad acoustic duo) were facing some heavy scrutinizing thanks to the Russia Russia Russia hounds trying to find dirt on President Trump, but ended up revealing some rather stormy details about an affair going on that involved upwards of 50,000 text messages during the election and first year of Trump’s party in the White House.

Fox News reported that in “one particular message, when Page asked if Trump would ever become president, Strzok reportedly replied, “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”

Other text messages showed an allegiance for fired FBI Director James Comey.

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The messages have not gone unnoticed by GOP lawmakers or Trump. Republicans have argued that their messages color the outcome of the Clinton email investigation and undercut the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Russian election interference. The president has often tweeted personal attacks at Page and Strzok and called the texts “hate filled and biased.”

That all smells like the potential for a new recipe for disaster called collusion. Or maybe it’s what they cooked each other for dinner during the affair. Either way, it smells bad and Trump wasn’t interested in having it served under his watch.

It looks like Mueller’s investigation was shaking up the wrong tree and all the bad apples started falling around him. Had Mueller carried on with his business and not played this Russian roulette game, then maybe Strzok and Page’s alleged affair wouldn’t have been disclosed, he wouldn’t have been fired, and he also wouldn’t have $400,000+ waiting for him thanks to donors.

Strzok’s wife would probably feel otherwise.


Now here’s the part where you learn how to make $400,000 by getting fired by the FBI.

Fastfoward to this week and here we are with Peter Paul Strzok finally being fired from his job. That’s the first step. Work for the FBI, have an affair, get caught in the midst of disgrace, talk trash on the president, and then get fired.

The next step is to have a GoFundMe set up. Then somehow, by all weirdness on this planet, have people voluntarily donate to the begging tin cup grifter account in which people openly support a cheating 48-year-old who shamed his wife, his job, and his president.

So basically, just work for the FBI, hook up with Lisa Page while your wife is lonely at home, talk trash on the president, get caught, then get fired. Next thing you know, you’ve got almost half a million dollars waiting for you just for acting more shameless than Frank Gallagher. Referencing Strzok and Frank Gallagher in the same sentence is insulting to Frank’s character.

It makes you wonder about the character of the people donating to Strzok. Who’s donating? Is it the cheating-husband president-hating Democrat club of America or something? Is there a club for that? There’s a club for everything else, so it’s not out of the question.

Strzok has $401,825 already waiting for him at the time this article was drafted. Go see for yourself, as the account will have more on it by the time you read this. Some people reading this might feel like he’s acting like a huge grifter by allowing this GoFundMe to raise money for him, basically like taking a handout. Will he get in Bernie Sanders Free Bread Line Next?

The only thing I want to know is this: how much of that $400,000 goes to his wife after divorce?

This Tweet sums it up nicely.

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