This is just the tip of the iceberg in what the Planned Parenthood clinics are doing. Performing second-trimester abortions when only licensed to do first-trimester is probably common practice. In the Dr. Gosnell trial, it was found that he had been doing abortions way beyond the acceptable time. Gosnell’s clinic was the abortion horror chamber that was shut down after it was found he was lawless in his abortion procedures.How many more abortion providers are doing whatever they want and disregarding the law?

Three of the 16 Planned Parenthood facilities inspected in Florida last week were performing procedures beyond their licensing authority, and one facility was not keeping proper logs relating to fetal remains, officials announced Wednesday.

The Agency for Health Care Administration released a report saying clinics in St. Petersburg, Fort Myers and Naples were performing second-trimester abortions when they were only licensed to perform first-trimester abortions. The report also found that a Pembroke Pines clinic was not following its own procedures for the labeling and dating of the disposal of fetal remains.


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