In a shocking moment that was captured on video, a teacher at Antioch High School in Tennessee was pepper sprayed twice by a student after he confiscated her phone.

The teacher reportedly confiscated the student’s phone because she was texting during class and Googling answers for her schoolwork.

In the video, the teacher rushes out of the room as a female high school student follows him holding a can of pepper spray. One of the other students in the classroom can be heard saying, “Mace? Nah, mace is crazy.”

Meanwhile, the other students sit back and laugh at the situation that’s unfolding.

The student recording the video followed the two out into the hallway, where the teacher says, “She just pepper sprayed me.”

“Give me my phone,” the student yells right before she pepper sprayed the teacher again, causing him to scream and fall to his knees.

The student then walks over to the teacher and tries to reach into his pocket, presumably where her phone was being held, but the teacher shoves her away as he tries to recover from the spray.

Another faculty member walks over calmly and tries and diffuse the situation while the student repeatedly yells “I need my phone” displaying an alarming sense of entitlement and lack of respect.

The school district released a statement following the incident and subsequent circulation of the video footage on social media:

“The pepper spray incident at Antioch High School represents a serious violation of law and our school policies, and the student involved has received appropriate disciplinary consequences in accordance with the student-parent handbook. An incident report was filed on Friday with the Metro Nashville Police Department through the school’s SRO for further investigation, and the teacher received immediate medical assistance from the school nurse. Due to FERPA’s student privacy protections, I’m not able to publicly share the specific disciplinary consequences for a student.”

The same teacher who was pepper sprayed was reportedly punched in the face by a different student just two months prior, again for confiscating a student’s phone who was using it to cheat on a test.

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