Country singer Toby Keith won’t be bullied into submission by the Left like other entertainers who won’t perform or have cancelled their commitment to perform at Trump’s inauguration.

“I don’t apologize…”

Keith, 55, said he does not apologize for “performing for our country and our military.”

He performed for both Presidents Obama and George W. Bush in addition to hundreds of shows for troops in Afghanistan and the United Service Organization, he said.

“Performing shouldn’t be a heroic act.”

“It’s sad that the ‘performing’ is the heroic act,” Pete Hegseth said on “Fox & Friends”, “There were no protests like this in 2008.” –Fox Insider


Americans who are sick and tired of being bullied by leftists need to take a stand and support Toby Keith. Let Keith know how you feel and that you appreciate him having a backbone and doing what’s right for America and for our military.

SHOW your support for Toby Keith’s inaugural performance in several different ways:

Click here: @TobyKeithMusic to send him a message on Twitter.

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Go to to purchase one of his songs or an entire album.

SHARE this everywhere! We need to get as many Americans as possible showing their support for Toby Keith and his inauguration performance. 

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