The pro-refugee groups have been hard at work trying to bring up to 200,000 Muslim refugees to America – screening these refugees will be “streamlined” aka they WILL NOT be thoroughly screened. REFUGEE CONTRACTORS get paid per head for every refugee they bring to the U.S. so it’s no surprise that they’re pushing hard for a larger number than 10,000. In 2014 America accepted over 69,000 refugees! Here’s the breakdown of how many refugees went to the different states in 2014: REFUGEE TOTALS BY STATE FOR FY 2014 We all need to push back against this effort to flood America with refugees! Please read, watch the video below and ACT!

‘CR’ is Washington, DC lingo for the ‘Continuing Resolution’ on the fiscal year funding that keeps the government open after the first day of October. Because the slugs we have elected to Congress are unable year after year to accomplish a timely appropriations process, the ‘CR’ is now part of our everyday language.
Citizens concerned about the massive influx of not-thoroughly-screened Syrian refugees are seeking a provision in the CR to prevent the White House from going forward with its plan to resettle 10,000 (or more!) Syrians starting next Thursday. The CR is expected to go to the House floor in about a week. (September 30th is the deadline for getting it done). Here at Numbers(USA) is the text of a fax you can send to your Member of Congress and US Senators on the issue:
Your Three Members
Street Address
City, State Zip
Dear Your Three Members, Please make sure that the continuing resolution contains a provision that prevents the United States from resettling Syrians. The FBI is adamant that it is impossible to determine if such an action would pose a security risk. I hope you will do all you can to make sure the CR prevents the government from resettling Syrians. The White House has floated plans to resettle 10,000 Syrians and some Members of Congress are pushing for the government to resettle up to 100,000. With the FBI unable to determine if those Syrians wishing to relocate to the United States pose a security risk, it would be foolhardy and dangerous for the U.S. to place these individuals in our communities. The continuing resolution must contain language to prevent the White House from resettling more Syrians to the United States. Actions which pose a security risk must be carefully considered and must not be taken on the basis of emotion or politics.
First Name Last Name 
And, here is Jim Simpson writing at American Thinker on the campaign launched yesterday:
With its usual stupidity, Congressional leadership has evaded the appropriations process and will attempt to avoid a government shutdown by passing a continuing resolution (CR) prior to the start of the fiscal year. That is 10 days away.
We hereby demand Congress insert a one-line provision in the CR:
No funding shall be provided for bringing Syrians into the U.S. under any program.
I urge you to call the GOP House and Senate Appropriations Committees, their Chairmen and members, House and Senate leadership, and your GOP reps and senators. Unfortunately the Democrats have already boldly signaled their contempt for America. They are a lost cause.
If you live in a state where one of these members (scroll down) resides, be sure to call that member in every single one of his/her offices. Also you can find the contact information for your own reps and senators here:
Please go to American Thinker (scroll down) for all of the contact information you will need. Readers ask me all the time, what can I do? This is something you can do NOW!
And, remember, the refugee contractors, No borders groups, Muslim activist groups and assorted hard Left (Social Justice!) community organizers are hard at work because they want to bring in 200,000 total refugees, 100,000 Syrians (to your towns and cities), during this coming year. You need to work harder!
We were warned in June of this year about the desire to bring in 65,000 Syrian refugees but presently the number is up to 200,000! Please listen to the expert on Refugee Resettlement – We hope this will shock you into action:


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