TODDLERS SHREEK and CRY UNCONTROLLABLY As “Lil Blessings” Daycare Worker Wearing “Scream” Mask Targets Each of Them For Not Cleaning Up After Themselves [VIDEO]

Oct 8, 2022

Daycare workers in Mississippi have reportedly been terminated after a viral video depicted them wearing masks from the ‘Scream’ horror movie to scare toddlers who were not cleaning up after themselves.

The state Department of Health and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the daycare as a result of the videos.

The owner of the daycare, Sheila Sanders, told a local news outlet that she was unaware of the videos until Wednesday.

Members of the community expressed their outrage after the viral incident, with one mother who’s child was in the video saying she is ‘devastated’ for her child.

“We thought we knew these people, we’re from here. I can not communicate the words how I feel. I’m devastated for my baby,” said Alissa Hays.

Some parents are demanding legal action is taken against the daycare, while others said that they would consider sending their children back if the daycare is managed better.

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“Under different circumstances, full surveillance, better management, we would possibly consider just for the convenience of being here in Hamilton,” said Keegan Hays.

Behind The Story Reports-

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“MS Daycare staff scaring children with “Scream” mask

A viral video showing people scaring children at a North Mississippi daycare sparks parents’ outrage.

Lil’ Blessings Childcare and Learning Center made a post on Facebook stating those involved have been fired and the director has notified MSDH.

The video shows alleged daycare workers wearing Halloween masks and scaring the kids. WCBI has learned the video of the incident that occurred last month.

The children are visibly shaken up, crying, and screaming. One of the videos shows the alleged workers laughing about scaring them.

Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook confirmed that his department is investigating.”

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