Thanks to the Wuhan Virus and every rotten actor that had his or her hand in its creation and release, the “new normal” is anything BUT normal, and it is sickening to witness the absurd measures that are being taken to deal with it.

Unlike today’s athletes, Olympians of the past had the time of their lives whether they medalled in their sport or not. Competing in front of millions of people is exciting, but having live spectators from your own country, including family and friends, has to be the most motivating and exhilarating part of the competition.

In the old days, you know – before Covid, athletes were able to meet and interact with athletes from other countries. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to make friends you’d otherwise never meet, and a rare chance to experience a little bit of the hosting country’s culture.

This year’s Olympic competitors will return home with memories that are unrecognizable from those of the past. Memories of suffocating restrictions like no freedom of movement, mandatory masking, daily covid tests including swabs and temperature checks, submitting a completed questionnaire every morning for the Japanese government on a required app, so, according to one participant, they can “…keep track of what we’re doing and where we are.”


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Restrictions placed on the press are equally ridiculous but a bit more palpable considering the media’s role in the entire Wuh-Flu debacle.

No doubt the America-hating “woke” athletes will enjoy the brutal restrictions on breathing, movement, and interaction. Aside from the availability of food, it looks pretty much like the socialist utopia they desire for America.

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