You’d think that after enduring the “summer of love,” Portland residents would be conditioned to the types of violent and threatening actions of the woke Antifa-like thugs, but the employees of the downtown Portland Nines Hotel seemed generally perplexed, and more than a little frightened by the crazed mob gathered outside the hotel lobby.

The crazed leftist mob shouted “Nazi” as they surrounded the hotel looking for conservative journalist Andy Ngo.

So incredibly proud of their actions, the small group showed up in identity obscuring garb known as a black bloc. At the same time, they pounded the doors and windows of the hotel, shouting obscenities and calling out journalist Andy Ngo, who they believed was staying there. Hotel security asked the trouble-makers to leave, but they stuck around for an hour, waiting for Mr. Ngo to emerge. Patrons of the Nines hotel were subject to intimidation while entering and leaving the building, as the angry crowd informed them that the hotel was “sheltering a Nazi.”

Mr. Ngo was not seen leaving the hotel, but the mob followed a masked man as he exited, harassing him, then chasing him for blocks till they finally caught him and assaulted him. Police arrived at the hotel around midnight, and one arrest was made.

Jack Posobiec tweeted:

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