Ironically, it was the openly gay, and formerly funny, Rosie O’Donnell, who started the hate-filled, homophobic rants that were directed at Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) this week.

Apparently, defending the honor of a man with a long, respected career and impeccable record is not okay if the Rosie O’Donnell’s of the world suspect he might vote to stop the legal killing of babies at Planned Parenthood.

During Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham gave his fellow Democrat Senators the epic scolding of their careers, and the Left panicked.

Senator Graham took to Twitter to defend his position on the Kavanaugh witch hunt by Democrats.

“I very much believe in allowing people to be heard. But I am not going to be played, and I’m not going to have my intelligence insulted by the Michael Avanettis of the world. I will not be a participant in wholesale character assassination that defies credibility,” Graham tweeted.

(**Language warning for tweets that follow Lindsey Graham’s**)

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Rosie O’Donnell replied with a homophobic tweet, insinuating that Lindsey Graham is a closet gay, “fuck u u closeted idiot – this is the patriarchy exposed – this is reality deal with it !!#NoKavanaughConfirmation #NotMyPresident

Domestic terrorist and former comedian who is most well-known for her career-ending move, when she held a bloodied and severed head of President Trump up for the cameras, joined the angry lesbian, Rosie O’Donnell to accuse Lindsey Graham of bestiality. She also attempted to accuse him of being gay by calling him “Miss” Lindsey Graham. Is taunting someone because you think they might be gay okay with the Left?

Griffin continued, unabated with her vulgarity.

And today, Griffin added a few more vulgar tweets to her repertoire. We reported Griffin to Twitter, who apparently doesn’t care how threatening or demeaning your tweets are if you’re a leftist who identifies with the Hollywood elite.


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