Senator Liz Warren is coming out in support of the climate goons who interrupted the Harvard/Yale football game today.

She’s so out of touch that she really thinks it’s a good idea to ruin an afternoon for football fans by sitting on the field so they can’t continue the game.

This is NOT the way to win friends and influence people! Comments on social media (see below) were overwhelmingly negative for what these protesters did today.

A tone-deaf Warren tweeted:

I support the students, organizers, and activists demanding accountability on climate action and more at #HarvardYale.

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Climate change is an existential threat, and we must take bold action to fight this crisis.


The climate goons are at it again…

A big group of protesters with a sign that read “climate injustice” ran onto the football field and had a sit-in during the Harvard vs. Yale game. Word is that students from both schools plus faculty and alumni stormed the field to demand “divestment from fossil fuels and cancel holdings in Puerto Rican debt.”

Barstool Sports says “We’ve hit peak 2019″…so true!

Yale-Harvard is under delay because of a student protest. We’ve hit peak 2019.

The comments below are fantastic!


-These millennials have never been challenged in what they say & certainly never challenged in how they say it. Therefore being rude, crude, obnoxious, insulting & inconsiderate is now an accepted way of expressing political thought. They should be arrested and expelled.

-These rich children will be talking about their bravery while sipping soy lattes at Starbucks for months.

-Just keep playing the game though. *Roughing the protester* 15-yard penalty. Automatic 1st down.

-The football players should go protest their game of Dungeons and dragons

Police officers had to come to remove the climate goons:

-So if someone runs on the field they get tackled and arrested but some snowflakes go out there and they can have a pow wow. Unbelievable.


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