Sean Parnell gives the best ever reaction to a lame drone strike by the Biden administration. It’s EPIC!

Parnell was a guest with Pete Hegseth on the Ingraham Angle. He comments on the breaking news of the drone strike at the 9-minute point in the video below and again throughout the entire segment. He is running for Senate in Pennsylvania and is loaded with common sense. A rare commodity in DC. He’s also fearless in his effort to get to the truth.

“Too little, too late” – Afghanistan War Veteran Sean Parnell

Parnell goes on to speak several times in the video below. Everything he says is spot on. He is fantastic! Rep. Jim Banks also speaks and has great comments about the disaster in Afghanistan. Both men question why Biden hasn’t fired any of the military leaders. Rep. Banks says this shows he’s incompetent. Joey Jones also comments on the situation later in the video.


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The Pentagon has refused to release the names of two ISIS-K terrorists they say were killed overnight in Afghanistan. When first reported, the drone strike reportedly took out a “planner” and a “facilitator”. Now, the Biden regime is saying both terrorists are “high-level” terrorists but they weren’t even on the American “kill list”

The Biden regime is ramping up the propaganda on this when it’s just angering the terrorists before we get our people out.

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The Biden administration needs to release the names of the terrorists. There is a reason why this isn’t being done.

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