Our “red line” President continues to lose relevance on the international stage, as Putin starts to look more like a world leader. Is it any wonder the most tough talking presidential candidates are at the top of every poll in America? We The People are sick and tired of watching the wussification of America taking place with our Wuss In Chief leading the way. The humorous pictures below pretty much sum up the way Obama is being seen by the international community verses the position of strength we have always maintained.

o and pWe are not endorsing or condoning the actions of Vladimir Putin with these memes. They are intended to point out Putin’s obvious position of strength vs. the position of weakness that Obama has assumed.

Putin wants an “anti-Hitler-style coalition” that will destroy ISIS. He claims backing Assad is the only way to defeat Islamic terrorists in the Middle East and Syria.

Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron insist instead on defeating Bahsar Assad. Most of the world meanwhile would likely agree that ISIS is who we should be focusing on right now. America needs to be asking why Obama is still treating them like a jayvee team…

Here are some zingers that have made our top 10 list of best Obama (Mommy Pants) VS Putin memes:


p v o I






swimming with Putin and O


peoples cube photos



#6o binoculars


i can




putin v O

#10obama warned

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