Here’s the fake black guy, Shaun King weighing in on how awesome it is that Bernie Sanders can now come out of the socialist closet. Because America is soooo ready (or so Shaun thinks anyhow) to embrace a socialist. Here is his tweet:


Here is a great question from the Janie Johnson:


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And this tweet is priceless:


Some race baiters were not satisfied that enough divisive questions were posed to the candidates. How much time exactly should we giving to the issue of race during our presidential debates? Would 50% of the debate time be acceptable to the #BlackLivesMatter terrorists?

The first is from #BLM activist and George Soros favorite, Deray McKesson:


Next is from the fake black guy, Shaun King who bemoans the lack of diversity on the debate stage:

#6 and #7

And then we have the self proclaimed “Trump girls,” Diamond and Silk weighing in on the debate…hilarious!


Best tweet of the night goes to the Donald:


And the runners-up are…

Two from conservative actor James Woods:


We actually fibbed, there are 12 favorite tweets. We save 2 of our favorites from @iowahawk for last:


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