An op-ed by guest author Phil O’Halloran, one of Michigan’s hardest-working conservative activists and a MIGOP delegate.

On February 18th in Lansing, MI, about two thousand Michigan Republican delegates will have a chance to vote for Kristina Karamo for GOP Chair. There are ten other candidates vying for the post in the wake of a historic and ignominious electoral disaster in November. Over the past two years, through our shared interest and activities in pursuit of election integrity, I’ve gotten to know Kristina (“KK” to her supporters). In the area of personal integrity and unwavering commitment to one’s convictions, I find her to be one of the most impressive people I’ve ever met. In today’s political climate of corruption, lies, and betrayals, those character traits tend to stand out like a beacon to voters beleaguered and disillusioned by politics as usual. But there’s a lot more to like about this charismatic young candidate.

Here are my top 7 reasons for supporting Kristina Karamo for State Party Chair of the Michigan GOP:

1.She enjoys the trust of the vast majority of Michigan Republicans. Even those backing other candidates have come to trust her sincerity and integrity. The lack of trust and the doubt that party leadership is committed to representing their interests is the area of most concern for Michigan’s long-suffering, grassroots Republicans. Karamo’s faithful adherence to GOP principles and the party platform is the source of her firm bond of trust with supporters. And in this sense, Kristina is the candidate they have been waiting for — for decades.

2.She has a comprehensive financial plan that compliments and enables her overall bold blueprint for a Republican victory. It creates a win-win situation for the party and small businesses, suppressed for years by unconstitutional regulations, taxation, and executive orders.  Small businesses are naturally conducive to a symbiotic relationship with a GOP that follows its own core principles. Kristina’s financial plan calls for patient and consistent relationship building with all donors from early in each cycle, not an impersonal, rushed sales pitch in the final months of the campaign. With the restoration of trust in party leadership, small businesses are more likely to donate, and with a party that faithfully represents their values, this funding channel could grow and extend for years.

3. In November 2020, she left the floor of the TCF Center in Detroit with a resolve to understand and remedy the systemic election corruption representing the top-tier threat to our children and grandchildren. While others seek to “move on,” Kristina strategically prioritizes this ongoing threat to the survival of Michigan and America.

4. She will grow the party by boldly penetrating non-traditional demographics, where the GOP never ventures. Demographic penetration is crucial to expand a GOP that’s slowly dying due to failed recruitment. Karamo demonstrated this approach repeatedly during the SOS campaign. She will deprive the Democrats of their favorite weapons against our party – false charges of “racism” and “misogyny.” Here again, this makes her the candidate Michigan Republicans have been waiting for — for decades.

5. She is a GREAT fundraiser who, in 2022, nearly DOUBLED the amount raised by her 2018 predecessor GOP candidate for Secretary of State and 40% more than the 2014 GOP candidate. This was accomplished in spite of her own state party starving her of funds.

6. She is an electrifying speaker who will out-debate even the most skilled Marxist Democrats from the bully pulpit of the MIGOP Chair.

Who can forget her show-stealing performance on stage with Donald Trump in April?

Possessing the proven ability to articulate in adversarial environments, she easily “owns” media personalities shilling for the Democrats in interviews and talk shows like Detroit FOX 2’s “Let it Rip.”

7. Kristina Karamo is not running because of ambition, power, or money. She turned down a lucrative job offer after the corrupted 2022 election. She’s running to be right before God and to save her children – and your children and grandchildren – on a long-term path to serfdom from the quickening ruin of the State of Michigan. And like few other candidates, she understands why the Democrat/globalist machine poses a threat to state and national survival and must be lawfully defeated, not appeased and bargained with from positions of weakness.

For these reasons and more, Kristina Karamo is the leader Michigan Republicans have been waiting for — for DECADES.

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