Adam Parkhomenko, a former National Field Director for the DNC, posted some incredibly distasteful tweets following the horrendous shooting in Texas on Tuesday. After 19 children were senselessly murdered by an 18-year-old boy, Parkhomenko suggested that Republicans are only pro-life so there are more children to shoot at.

First, Parkhomenko wrote,

“Republicans want to force you to have kids so they have something to shoot at.”

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Just 30 minutes later, he posted another disgusting tweet, saying,

“When Republicans say they are pro-life what they mean is they want more American lives that they will ultimately take away. It is really that simple.”

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Perhaps equally disturbing are the comments left on Parkhomenko’s tweets. Idiotic, brainwashed leftists wholeheartedly supported the idea that Republicans are cold-blooded murderers, and rejoiced at the opportunity to turn the tragedy in Texas into a joke about abortion.

One Twitter user, @KcNightfire, wrote,

“It’s truly mind boggling the mental gymnastics necessary to call yourself pro-life on one issue and be basically pro-death on another.”

What really is mind-boggling, Kaycee, is that you equate the right to bear arms with a mentally-disturbed person carrying out a mass shooting. Supporting the right to bear arms is absolutely in no way support for murdering innocent children, or anyone for that matter. And, in reality, the shooter would be able to acquire a firearm regardless of the anti-gun laws the Democrats want to pass.

Another Twitter user, @doubleadub, called for Republicans to be put to death, saying,

“No man… They are pro death. Give them nothing. They are murderers. Stop seeking common ground. It’s time.. actually past time to be holy hell agressive (sic).. Death to all of them”

Another sick commenter wrote,

“Maybe if we called school shootings “late term abortions” we could get Republicans to at least pretend to care about them.”

Finally, @Savvy_Mia_ compared children to shooting targets, suggesting that Republicans are pro-life so they have more kids to shoot at:

“Apparently, Republicans forcing women to give birth is connected to their need for more target practice.”

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