Yesterday, the New York Post hailed Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa as the “best player in the [NFL] draft,” saying that it would be “remarkable” if Bosa “fell to the Jets” in the NFL draft. The NFL draft will take place in Nashville on April 25th.

One hour later, they published an article about how Bosa removed all of his social media posts that reflected his conservative views. Bosa claims he removed them over his concern about affecting his chances with the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL draft.

New York Post reports – Nick Bosa has wiped some of his Twitter slate clean. The Ohio State defensive end, who is projected to be one of the top picks in this month’s NFL draft, told ESPN he deleted certain posts, including a 2016 tweet in which he called former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick a “clown,” due to his potential landing spot.

From the ESPN interview – Nick reluctantly admits, and has interests outside of football. (He’ll make his acting debut with a small role in the final season of Game of Thrones on HBO this spring.) Nick loves football more, he says-“I was full-on into it from the time I was 7. Joey, not as much.” He’s also more politically minded. Last year he seemed to delight in posting political takes, including his support for President Trump, on Twitter and needling dissenters. (He also caused a minor social media stir by criticizing Beyonce, Black Panther and Colin Kaepernick, all eventually deleted.) As the combine drew near, though, his online behavior grew increasingly bland. I asked why he seemed to abandon something he had previously embraced.

“I had to,” he says. “There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco.”

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Here’s a screenshot of the Bosa’s tweet about the former San Fransisco 49ers QB, turned Black Lives Matter activist and anti-American agitator, Colin Kaepernick.

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Bosa, 21, had previously “quote tweeted a picture of Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan with the caption, ‘Goats,’” per Sports Illustrated. ESPN also noted Bosa’s “online behavior grew increasingly bland” leading up to the NFL combine in early March, though he had previously praised the president during his time at Ohio State.

What has happened to our country? When did America agree to allow the Democrat Party to bully and destroy anyone who didn’t agree with their radical liberal ideology? Why should any American have to erase their political views from social media out of fear of being rejected for a job or from a college? How much longer will America survive this onslaught of attacks on our First Amendment free speech right before we become another China?

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