Woke Democrats rename “offensive” mountain in Yellowstone

While inflation soars, gas prices reach an all time high, and everyday Americans suffer under Biden’s regime, woke Democrats have their priorities set to… Renaming a mountain. Indeed, Yellowstone National Park’s over 10.000 foot tall Mt. Doane, named after a man of an admittedly mixed legacy, is being renamed to the condescending “First Peoples Mountain.”

The mountain in question (center) rising between Top Notch Peak (foreground) and Mt. Stevenson (background) by NPS/Jacob W. Frank

The National Park Service voted unanimously, 15-0, to rename the mountain much to the joyous applause of woke liberal elites everywhere who could not care less about the struggles of the average American, or even of the Native American population whom they are naming the mountain after.

But why is the mountain being named, and who was Doane?

Gustavus Doane was a US veteran in the 19th century who served in the Civil War, was mayor of Yazoo City Mississippi, and attained the rank of 2nd lietenant in the Second US Cavalry by 1868, later becoming captain in 1884.

Doane also participated in several military campaigns against Native American tribes in the late 19th century, and led the first expedition of Yellowstone. However, the National Park Service wrote this of Doane:

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“During what is now known as the Marias Massacre, at least 173 American Indians were killed, including many women, elderly Tribal members and children suffering from smallpox. Doane wrote fondly about this attack and bragged about it for the rest of his life.”

Clearly, if even part of this is true it is a stain on Doane’s legacy. And it serves as their rationale for renaming the mountain. However, what exactly does scrubbing the name of a man from a different time, who acted in such a now-reprehensible way, achieve? No victims, nor those who knew the victims, nor those who knew Doane, are still alive today. The vast majority of people did not even know who Doane was or what he did prior to this announcement. This token symbol does not help anyone because the preexisting name did not hurt anyone.

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The woke liberals care only for the symbolic victories achieved through removing, replacing, and renaming monuments and pieces of history because they are “offensive” or represent unsavory parts of the past.

To them this is more important than tackling real problems faced by real Americans. Native American populations in the United States face many problems including poverty and high suicide rates… Renaming a mountain for them won’t fix that, and it certainly won’t help anyone else either. Americans face real problems every day, and even the most bleeding heart of average liberals must know that renaming the mountain does nothing to help anyone.

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