The blind hatred for President Donald Trump may very well be the ultimate undoing of the democrat party.

After the historic ruling from the Colorado Supreme Court blocked Trump from appearing on the 2024 state ballot, many are actually seeing this as a victory for Trump.

You can count Frank Luntz among those who feel that way.

Luntz, a high-profile political pollster, feels that democrats made a big mistake in blocking Trump from the Colorado ballot.

“Trump is now even more likely to beat Biden,” said Luntz in an interview on Tuesday.

He’s also not alone in that assessment.

Several republican strategists feel the same way.

Daily Mail broke the story:

A bombshell ruling by Colorado to remove Donald Trump from the state’s primary election ballot will be ‘rocket fuel’ for his chances of winning the White House in a 2024 rematch against Joe Biden, pollsters and pundits predict.

The former president’s son Eric Trump also claimed the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision will increase his father’s frontrunner status in the Republican primary race by at least 5 percent.

Luntz expects this to only fuel Trump’s poll numbers:

High-profile pollster and political consultant Frank Luntz said in an interview Tuesday that the Colorado ruling will have ‘the same impact as his 91 indictments,’ which saw Trump’s poll numbers jump.

‘Trump is now even more likely to beat Biden,’ he predicted in the interview.

Trump is facing felony charges in New York, Washington, D.C., Florida and Georgia related to election interference, mishandling of classified documents and hush money payments.


With each new set of charges, Trump saw boosts to his polling in his already commanding primary race lead.

‘Every time Trump has [h]ad an adverse engagement with the legal system, it has been like rocket fuel with Republican voters because it reinforces his core message that he is (and has been) unfairly treated since the moment he burst on to the scene,’ Republican strategist Scott Jennings said in a statement to

Check this interview out!

Here is more from our friends at Breitbart:

“Donald Trump thrives on negativity, he thrives on legal systems that try to hold him accountable, and I’m convinced that his polling numbers are going to go up,” Luntz told host Pamela Brown.

The strategist cited a recent poll that shows the former president winning in seven crucial swing states, arguing that “the more that he is prosecuted, the more that he is condemned, the higher his numbers go as people rally around him.”

“Trump is now even more likely to beat Biden,” Luntz predicted, adding a warning message to the U.S. Justice Department: “You’re actually making it more likely that Donald Trump is elected next November by how you are pursuing this.”

It’s hard to argue with his logic here!

It seems that many others believe this will only serve to help President Trump in 2024!

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and the democrats appear desperate:

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