Who knew mowing while naked was a “thing” with women in Newport, Maine?

This all started when a woman was seen mowing her lawn while topless. Yes, the woman claims she really likes to go topless while mowing her mother’s large lawn. Her neighbor wasn’t too happy about the naked display so the town decided to vote on it. As you can imagine the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of letting the woman go topless while mowing and against punishing bare-breasted women. The AP reports the vote was 775-283 in favor of topless mowing. So women in Newport, Maine can now walk around topless while mowing!

This all started with Newport resident Desiree Davis who wanted to go topless while cutting the grass. Her neighbor obviously thought that was bananas so she called the authorities to report indecent behavior.

The Town Manager said that the state law prohibits the display of genitalia and said that breasts are not genitalia. Also, moving the lawn is not a sexual act so there was no crime in what Davis was doing.

Davis’ neighbor Mary Thompson started a petition drive to produce a  law that would stop all women including Davis from mowing while topless. Thompson was able to get over 100 people to sign on to get the anti-topless law on a ballot.


Davis’ mom decided to profit off of the situation with good old American entrepreneurial spirit. Shirley Davis, Desiree’s mother, had a company produce a T-shirt that said  “Topless Lawn Mowers Club”.  They sold like hot cakes.

For now, Davis has no plans to discontinue the topless mowing. Fair warning to all who read this: Watch out for distracted drivers rubbernecking at topless mowing if you drive through Newport, Maine.

This is a flashback to show how you can make a change in your community. Whether you approve or disapprove, it’s something to take now of if you ever have a controversy in YOUR town.

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