Yes, the rules apply to EVERYONE and they even apply to this sassy NFL football player’s wife. Ignoring warnings by police officers will get you in trouble so LISTEN UP and follow what they say. There’s a reason why we have laws and police officers and it’s to avoid chaos from people like this woman. She’s not above the law and now she knows it.

As the wife of Miami Dolphins’ cornerback Brent Grimes, she is known for her outspoken views and harsh criticism of NFL culture.

But it seems that Miko Grimes might be in for some criticism of her own after she was filmed being arrested ahead of the team’s defeat by the Buffalo Bills yesterday.
Police say that she pushed her way through a police blockade and into traffic despite being given several warnings to stop. Then she started scream obscenities at officers.

Miko charged at one officer while flailing her arms, so he put her in a bear hug and took her to the ground, where she was handcuffed, cops said.
After getting up off the floor, Miko is said to have headbutted one cop before being taken away.
Video footage taken in the parking lot before the game by YouTube user Thiago Miranda shows Miko on her chest wearing her husband’s jersey while being pinned down by several cops.
She can be heard yelling hysterically as the footage begins – loud enough to make her voice hoarse. She then starts shouting: ‘Get off my leg.’
She says: ‘Are you f***ing serious right now? Are you f***ing serious right now? You better f***ing listen to me right now.’
Cops say she was put on to a police golf cart, which took her to a nearby station where she continued to be uncooperative.
According to reports, Miko injured her right knee and her arm during the confrontation, and she was given medical attention at the station.
She has been charged with disorderly conduct, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest with violence.
Miko is well-known among NFL fans and pundits for voicing her views on the game, often via Twitter where she has 11,000 followers.
She is perhaps most infamous for her expletive-laden rant after the Pro Bowl in which she accused NFL higher-ups of denying her husband a man of the match award for taking time off to be with her after she had emergency surgery.

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