A Salt Lake City town hall held by Republican Rep. Chris Stewart was hijacked by left wing activists who went ballistic when Stewart said he supports building the border wall. Notice how he totally caved on all pro-illegal issues except the wall. The crowd was there to persuade this weak congressman to cave on building the wall too.

A hispanic man in the crowd asked Stewart if he supports Trump’s budget which includes funding for the wall. He claimed Trump would be “tearing families apart” if he builds the wall. This is a tired claim that open borders advocates use. It’s supposed to tug at your heart strings. Did those families think about being split up when they came here illegally? Parents sent their children to make the dangerous trip. Were these parents thinking of their children then?
Obama’s policy of catch and release only fueled the illegals desire to make the dangerous trip through the desert to America. He’s responsible for much of the mess we’re in now. Why should these illegals get anything but a trip back home?
Americans should realize that there are people like Obama who believe in open borders and that America should be “fundamentally transformed”. The new DNC Chair is for open borders!
By flooding our towns with illegals and refugees, we will be “fundamentally transformed” – We need to resist this effort to drown out the silent majority by making it the minority.

Stewart was booed for saying he supports securing our border:

“I do support securing our border,” Stewart said to raucous boos from a crowd that, apparently, believes America should have no borders.


He said that, while he does support a secure border, he also supports a plan to give legal status, short of citizenship, to illegal immigrants who have committed no other crime other than entering the nation illegally.

And though the crowd cheered momentarily, they weren’t satisfied with that answer.

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They demanded to know if Stewart supported the building of a border wall with Mexico.

“Are you asking if I support the wall? Yeah, of course I do,” he said.

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