The attitude of politicians regarding the danger of the Muslim invaders in Europe is shocking and very dangerous. You’ll see in the video below that the Mayor of this town pretty much dismisses the concerns of the townspeople. Specifically, the grandfather asks a valid question about his concerns for his granddaughter and is blown off like the sexual assaults are no big deal. The townspeople erupt and call for the assignation of this putz of a mayor. The mayor is one of many in power in Germany and Europe who are blaming the victims of the Muslim invasion…their own people. The left is focused on criminalizing the free speech of anyone who objects to the invasion of their town yet allows these thugs to roam free and terrorize its people. It might be too late for Europe but America should take notes…

GERMANY: Mayor to townspeople: “If you don’t want your young daughters sexually harassed by Muslims, tell them “not to dress provocatively”

At a meeting of concerned parents in Bad Schlema, who are frantic about the increasing danger Muslim migrants pose to their daughters, concern grows to rage when the Mayor blows them off, dismissing their anger and telling them “It’s simple, don’t provoke them (Muslims) and don’t walk in areas where Muslim rapists posing as refugees hang out.” (Pretty much everywhere)
The crowd went crazy, some mocked the absurdity of not being able to walk to school in your own town, some demanded he step down immediately. Later the situation escalated and the Mayor threatened to call the police and clear the room because of incitement of hatred. Just a few months ago a 7 year old girl was brutally raped on a playground in Chemnitz in broad daylight by an African “refugee”.

Via: Bare Naked Islam

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