Senator Lindsey Graham made a bold announcement the other day when he told his constituents in South Carolina that if they were against amnesty for illegals and outsourcing, to vote him out. Most Republicans outside of the state of South Carolina have been scratching their heads for years over the popularity of the pro-climate change, war-hawk and pro-amnesty Senator Graham in his home state. It seems like this might be the perfect time for voters in South Carolina to replace the liberal senator who is clearly a traitor to the president and to the Republican Party.

Watch Senator Lindsey Graham tell his allies at CNN that President Trump is “weak”for  publicly addressing his concerns about his AG Jeff Sessions:

Watch Senator Graham, as he threatens President Trump during an interview with NBC over the possibility that he may fire or “go after” the DOJ’s special counsel Robert Mueller, who was hired by  the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein to investigate possible ties to Russia and the Trump campaign.

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Senator Graham has been jealous of Donald Trump since the primaries where Graham got shellacked by Donald Trump. Watch his embarrassing appearance on the Daily Show with Trevor Graham during the primary elections, as he accuses Donald Trump, as well as his own party of being “racists” and “xenophobes”.

Go to the 3:47 mark to watch Lindsey Graham ask Noah Trevor of The Daily Show if he’s a “citizen” or if he has a “green card” to which Trevor replies, “no”. Graham then proceeds to tell Noah Trevor that “If I were you, I’d be in a hurry. If Trump wins, your days are numbered pal. Young, black, liberal guys from Africa is not gonna work with him.”

Watch Graham tell his constituents he’ll be supporting amnesty whether they agree with him or not. He actually urges South Carolina citizens to vote against him if they disagree with him. He talks about illegal aliens “kids” like their all sweet young children looking for a better life. Someone should tell him about MS-13 the most dangerous international gang in the world that is growing in numbers as Obama opened the flood gates for them to come in while he was president:

Watch pro-man made climate change Lindsey Graham attempt to shame President Trump prior to his decision to pull out of the Paris Climate deal:

Last but not least, and or anyone who may have forgotten, RINO Lindsey Graham also warned Republicans to back off their attacks on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, as Graham warned Republicans risk getting ‘Burned’ on Benghazi issue.


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