If you didn’t already detest Farrakhan THIS will really send you into orbit. He just went to Iran to spew hate against America. He’s lucky he lives in the U.S. because if he did this to Iran he’d be a dead man. As much as Farrakhan hates America, he sure enjoys his freedom to spew hatred and stir the pot. He’s gotten rich off of the backs of those who actually buy into his hate speech. What a joke that he went to Iran to speak poorly of a nation that provides the freedom to speak. Oh the irony!

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan slammed the United States’ human rights record Thursday during his appearance in Iran to mark the 37th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

“They hide behind noble words but the human rights record in America is dismal,” Mr. Farrakhan told an Iranian reporter, CNS News reported. “We have been in America for 460 years. We did not come on The Mayflower, or the Nina, Pinta or Santa María. We came in the holds of ships as slaves, and we have lived under tyranny from that day to this day.r

“The native people — the Indians — have lost 120 million people under human rights violations,” he added. “So America needs to straighten up inside before she tells anyone outside about their violation of human rights.”

The controversial preacher was invited by Iran President Hassan Rouhani as a special guest speaker at the Tehran rally, which featured the unveiling of a homegrown drone, a ballistic missile and a float reenacting Iran’s detention last month of 10 U.S. Navy sailors in the Persian Gulf, CNS News reported.


Speaking to reporters before the rally, Mr. Farrakhan said Iran was emerging “stronger” from sanctions that “were designed by the West to destroy the revolutionary spirit of the Iranian people, and cause the Iranian people to rise up against their government.”

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