For many years, Elon Musk has been developing futuristic technology that hopes to effectively give its users mind control.  Now, Musk has said the first trials may be as soon as this year.

Elon Musk is a profile in ambition and dreams.  He may be best known for his electric car company, Tesla, because it is a publically traded company with products that can be seen every day on the road.

However, he is also responsible for Starlink, a program to blanket the globe with high-speed Wi-Fi via a globe-encompassing web of small satellites.  He also created The Boring Company to bore high speed loop tunnels for automated vehicles under the earth, which is nearing completion of its first dig.  His aerospace company, SpaceX has ais also pioneering the technology for reusable rockets for space travel to the Moon, Mars, and beyond for the first time, though not without challenges.  He is even rumored to be the creator of Bitcoin due to his personality and coding style.

But, perhaps his most intimate and sci-fi endeavor is his company, Neuralink.

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Founded in 2016, Neuralink is pioneering wireless computer technology to be implanted in subjects’ brains that interfaces with computers and devices in the real world.  Effectively, this would give users mind control with any connected device.  The implications are basically limitless (especially in conjunction with the upcoming automation of everything, the artificial intelligence revolution, and Starlink to connect them all together world-wide).

Theoretically, Neuralink could allow the blind to see, mitigate epilepsy or speech impediments, cure the def, mitigate Alzheimer’s, and give users super-human memory or skills.  Or, perhaps more common, will be its ability to allow users to become the most lazy and unhealthy people on earth, having to do absolutely nothing physical whatsoever in order to interact with all their frivolous connected devices.

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Finally, it could also give users the ability to read the minds of other users who are also connected together.  Could one user take over control of another user’s mind (for good or bad), or would it somehow be only a passive connection?  We cannot know this, but it seems logical to believe it to be possible.

In any case, if is successful, Neuralink promises to lead a new cyberpunk age of transhumanism in which man blends with machine.  This may still sound like science fiction to many of you, but Elon Musk assures you it is right around the corner. 

He has already wired up a monkey and pig.

Now, in a tweet on February 1st 2021, Musk said that the first human trials may begin as early as this year:

Who will control this technology if it is successful? And, who will get it first?  Will the same people who control Big Tech and Big Government get it first and seek to destroy and oppress their opponents with their infinite technological edge?  Will they leave the rest of humanity in the dust?  Or will its promise to elevate humanity be realized, leading to a better tomorrow for everyone?

Elon Musk claims he is pro human and that all his endeavors are to ensure mankind does not go extinct.  The way to do this, he believes, is by advancing into the stars and into the future with technology like Neuralink.

But, what will Neuralink mean about how we define humanity?  Will what we create eventually have any resemblance to the what we call humanity, today?

This technology is coming within just the next few years.  Discussion and comprehension of all its implications is imperative. 

What do you all think?  We would love a lively discussion below.

The Great Filter awaits.

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