Leftists and globalists always talk about their support of trans-rights.  But they are always insincere.  What they really mean is that they support the rights of only those trans people who support globalism and happen to be trans.

Jessica Watkins

This fact could not be made more clear than in the case of trans-female Jessica Watkins.

She is allegedly a member of the Oath Keepers who was working security on January 6th when she peacefully entered the US Capitol building.  Oath Keepers are often attacked by the globalist media, because they claim to be a pro-Constitution group.  Despite not committing or encouraging any vandalism or violence, Watkins continues to be held indefinitely–in violation of her rights, in prison since the events.  And she alleges even more egregious violations of her civil liberties while she has been in police custody.

The Gateway Pundit Reports:

[Watkins] was reportedly working as security at the Ellipse and met with US officials before the president’s speech. She is also a member of the Oathkeepers, a pro-Constitution group frequently maligned by the liberal media and Democrat politicians.

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During the siege of the US Capitol Jessica Watkins did not threaten anyone, did not vandalize anything, encourage others not to vandalize, spoke with several police officers inside the Capitol, and followed their orders.”

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In the image above of court documents, Watkins allegedly committed no violence, harassment, or vandalism and encouraged others to do the same.  She followed orders and “participated in medical rescue operations” during the event.  Yet, she is charged with “conspiring to attack the Capital. 

The Gateway Pundit continues:

“For her alleged “crimes” of “conspiring to attack the US Capitol building on January 6,” Jessica Watkins was stripped and left naked in a jail cell for four days with the lights on 24 hours a day.

She is still being held without bond, a clear violation of her 8th Amendment rights.”

During the insurrectionist riots throughout 2020, far-left globalist law groups and the ACLU stationed green-hat lawyers at many (perhaps all?) of the riots to aide nasty, vicious, violent rioters who supported their anti-American globalist cause.   They often decry any perceived grievance of the leftist ‘alphabet people‘ as fantastic violations of constitutional rights.

For this possibly-constitutionalist trans-woman, however, they say and do nothing.

It doesn’t matter what the artificial division is labelled–race, sex, gender, wealth, etc., when governments, institutions, and corporations artificially create and bolster the idea of protected and aggrieved classes of people, they always do so disingenuously.  The true intent is to divide and make a people easier to conquer.  They do not care about trans people, just like they do not care about straight or gay or minority people.

All they care about is power and control of the people.

Don’t make it so easy for them to take away your individual power and control with which you have been endowed.

Marxism always leaves the useful idiots to do their dirty work and then deserts them, one way or another.

Don’t ever become a useful idiot.


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