A recent trend among transgender women is claiming that they are better than real women and shaming biological women for not truly understanding what it means to be a woman.

Some trans women insist they can get a period and experience PMS, and others have taken to social media to insist that their plastic surgery-made vaginas are superior to natural ones.

One TikTok user had the audacity to compare his man-made plastic vagina to a designer bag, and a biological woman’s reproductive system to a paper bag.

As if this wasn’t degrading enough to women, a recent video released by Libs of TikTok shows a trans woman telling biological women that they aren’t “real women” because they didn’t have to work as hard to be one.

A transgender TikTok user named Nora posted a video saying that ‘she’ is “tired of TERFs (transgender-exclusionary radical feminists) making a mockery of real women.”

Note, by “real women,” Nora means “trans women.”

“Oh, what you were born with ovaries? You bleed every month? You have XX chromosomes?” he scoffed. “Yeah, that’s cute.”

“Tell me what other external factor that doesn’t apply to all of you defines you,” continued Nora. “And at the end of the day, you’re out here thinking that trans women are making a mockery of you when it’s the exact opposite.”

He continued on his angry rant, telling all biological females that they are “pretending” to know they are a woman and arguing that “the only people here who know that for sure are the ones who have put in the work to understand themselves… the trans women.”

Making a completely baseless statement, Nora added, “You have put zero work into actually understanding yourself. You are only a woman because everybody else around you looked at the same external factors that you look at and said ‘hmm seems like woman behavior to me.’ ”

The TikToker again insists that real, biological women are “making a mockery of womanhood” because they “do not fully understand what makes [them] a woman.”

“I don’t even identify as a woman and I’m more of a woman than you,” said Nora.

In another video, a commenter called Nora out for offending women and said, “If you are gonna imitate us at least have respect for the gender you are trying to imitate.”

Nora had another arsenal of offensive comments he was ready to throw out. He said (speaking to all biological females), “Ya’ll suck, I’m not trying to imitate you.”

“I don’t want to be anything like you, you suck.”

As a biological female, I find this growing anti-biological female rhetoric to be incredibly offensive and narcissistic. To think that by taking hormones, growing out your hair for a year or two, and dressing up, you have a deeper understanding than everyone else of what it means to be “female” is laughable.

Women have always had to work hard to meet certain beauty and societal standards, and to suggest that they don’t have to put in any work is ignorant. Biological women have periods, they have female reproductive organs, and they are able to bear children. After fighting so hard for women’s rights and equality in this country, it is mindblowing that our society now cheers on men who take over the female space and insist that they are better at being a woman than real women.

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