Yeah…because .3% of our population should always determine what the other 99.7% should or should not say. It’s the new and improved American way…pregnant

Transexuals want you to use the phrase “birthing individuals” instead of “pregnant women” because, according to them, the latter promotes “trans hatred.”

LGBT activists have already convinced the Midwives Alliance of North America to stop referring to their clients as “women” and “mothers” and instead call them “pregnant people” and “birthing individuals” so transexuals won’t get offended.

“Pregnant individuals are the only direct care providers for themselves and their unborn babies, thus the most important determinant of a healthy pregnancy is the pregnant person,” MANA states on its web site. “The biological wisdom to give birth is innate, it has been held throughout time, and is experienced across cultures by all pregnant people.”

Via: InfoWars

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