So a woman straps an “apparatus” to her person, claims she’s a man and expects airport security to treat her with kit gloves because she’s entitled to special privileges? If you come through airport security with something foreign strapped to your body, why should you be entitled to special treatment? Sorry, but most of the world is not going to side with you on this one “dude”…

In a submission to an Australian senate inquiry into airport and aviation security, the National LGBTI Health Alliance reported a “climate of pervasive discrimination” for LGBTI people.

The submission includes a lengthy complaint from an anonymous transgender person sent to one of Australia’s major domestic airlines about an incident early last year.

The person was passing through airport security and was selected to go through a body scanner, which picked up a prosthetic worn in their underwear.


“I explained to the officer at the scanner that I am trans and that I was wearing a prosthetic, to which he responded that he would need to get his supervisor,” the complaint reads.

“In full view of other travellers, the supervisor approached me putting rubber gloves on,” the passenger wrote. “When I asked him what the gloves were for, he told me that he was going to do a ‘private search’.”

After entering a small room with the two men, the passenger pulled out the prosthetic for the men to see, and the supervisor put on a second glove.

When again asked what the gloves were for, the supervisor responded, “You want me to touch that thing with my bare hands?”

After placing the prosthetic in a tray and undergoing a pat-down, the supervisor opened the door for the passenger to leave.

“My prosthetic [was] still sitting in the tray. I asked him to close the door so that I could have some privacy,” the complaint reads.
“He closed the door and both men stood watching me as I put it back in place.”

The passenger wrote that the experience left them feeling degraded and anxious about traveling.

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